Mystic Tool # 1: Ego Eradicator


“We must hone our ability to hear the Guru Dev, the guru within our hearts. Our Guru Dev, or higher self, can be the source of all instruction and inspiration. A guru is simply an energy that brings you out of darkness (gu = unconsciousness) into light (ru = consciousness).  It’s that which makes your Light sparkle brighter. It is a divine and cosmic teacher, which may act through a person or through you, and always uplifts and enhances your own Divinity. One of the translations of Dev is angelic, and we have a part of ourselves that is more angelic than human, which we must learn to hear.”  -Ramdesh Kaur

Bust through blocks + shift your vibration

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Mystic Tool #2: Earth and Heaven Amplifying



Your body transmits and receives electromagnetic energy. This can be measured by things like an EEG which shows the brains electric pattern or an ECG which measures the heart’s. The human heart field is shaped like a torus, the same as the Earth’s field. This is not woo woo, it’s current science.

The Earth we walk on maintains a negative electric field which is optimum for human health. When you connect down into the Earth, electrons are conducted into your body via the meridian system – the same channels an acupuncturist uses to regulate the flow of chi. It’s like plugging yourself into a giant power point and charging up.

These pics will give you a visual on these fields – the Earth’s and the human heart field as an example.

These pics will give you a visual on these fields – the Earth’s and the human heart field as an example.

Health benefits of connecting down to the earth, include enhanced immune function, stress reduction, sleep regulation and the biggy for body pain – reduced inflammation.

To boost the your Earth amplification, go barefoot as often as possible, especially outside. Aside from all of the health benefits, don’t you just love the feeling of walking on fresh grass or feeling the sand between your toes at the beach? There’s nothing quite like it is there.

Here’s two ways to boost the your Earth amplification.

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Humans evolved with the same need for sunlight as every other living thing. But our artificial lifestyle of living indoors deprives us of this vital ingredient.

Your eyes have special light receptors that trigger the hypothalamus to produce serotonin - the happiness hormone. Serotonin is also produced in your skin, as a direct result of exposure to sunlight.

In his book The Mind Body Solution, clinical psychologist Jeffrey Rossman, PhD, states that "many of us are not aware that we are light deprived and suffering from the effects of light deprivation.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.55.18 PM.png

Because of our eyes extraordinary ability to adapt to changes in brightness, we tend not to be aware of how little light we actually receive when we're indoors. Typical indoor lighting is 100 times less bright than outdoor light on a sunny day. Even a cloudy day delivers 10 times more brightness than ordinary indoor lighting." 

For those of you who like the mystical side of things, here's another angle on sunlight from my Hua Shan Chi Kung master, Larry Johnson, OMD, L. Ac.

"Nature is a treasure chest of valuable energies for those who know how to access it. The sun represents pure Yang Chi. Gathering this Yang Chi can help remove toxins from the body, tonify deficient Yang, consolidate the Source Chi and prevent premature aging. It is best to gather the Sun Chi just as the sun is rising."

How to mainline sunlight

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Mystic Tool # 3: Essential Oil Anointment and Affirmations

How to use EO’s to release negative emotional patterns and rewire your brain with high vibe affirmations

There’s so much power in enticing the senses.

Using Essential Oils is a wonderful way to shift you energy by helping you to release limiting beliefs and increase your connection to your deeper self: Your soul.

We can identify our emotional patterns through our feelings.

What is it you are feeling? Does this feeling, feel familiar? Do you often see this emotion presenting itself in different situations you face in your life?Once you’ve identified an emotional pattern, you can use essential oils to shift that pattern.

“Essential Oils hold vibrational frequencies that can shift patterns...and smelling the oil releases the pattern from the limbic system of the brain, thus providing direct access to the body’s cellular memory.” -Carolyn . Mein, D.C

Here’s a simple application of this process:

  1. Bring into your awareness the emotional pattern, perhaps most easily accessed through the dominate feeling you are experiencing.

  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and ask that you may be drawn to the oil that will be most beneficial to you in this moment.

  3. Decide on your positive affirmation statement (You can use one from the pdf below or come up with your own affirmation)

  4. Place a drop of oil*  in your palm and with the fingers of the opposite hand, gently rub it around 3x. Then cup your hands near your face and take a deep inhale as you say your affirmation, preferably out loud. Repeat this a few times, taking a few deep breaths.

  5. Then, as you repeat the affirmation again, anoint yourself with the oil by rubbing it on your forehead, heart, belly, neck or shoulders, wherever you are feeling called to

  6. Try doing  this exercise a few times a day and every time you feel the negative emotional pattern arising.

*Depending on the oil + your skin’s sensitivity, you may want to use a carrier oil such as olive, coconut or jojoba.

We have some suggested oils, the negative emotions they address and higher vibration affirmations to replace them.

Click below to download printable Essential Oil + Affirmation PDF

Mystic Tool #4: Salt Bath Ceremony


Taking a hot, salt bath is one of the best things you can do to  shift your state of mind, relax, recharge and release anything that is no longer serving you.

In this sacred bath ceremony, we are inviting you to include a deep intention for release and the addition of salt + herbs to your bathing experience.


Sea Salt helps to release toxins from your tissues and breaks through energetic hooks that get stuck on you throughout your day.


Rose is warming and opening to the heart. It evokes a sense of soothing joy and upliftment. It’s also wonderful for glowing skin.

Lavender is a dreamy, ethereal flower that emits a calm and connected frequency. It promotes gentle peace throughout the nervous system.


Gather up sea salt, candles, crystals, dried herbs and prepare your hot bath.

Turn your bathing experience into a sacred ceremony

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Mystic Tool #5: Mandala Coloring as Meditation

How to use Mandala Coloring pages to find calm and soothe a stressed out mind/body

Creating mandalas allows your mind to become very calm and focused. It is very much a meditative process.

Mandalas are incredibly soothing to color. There is something so satisfying about drawing and coloring within a circular shape.

“[A Mandala] is a concrete symbol of it’s creator’s absorption into sacred center. In its most elevated form, the sacred circle mirrors an illumined state of consciousness through a symbolic pattern--making the invisible visible. It is meant to draw the creator and viewer into an encounter with animating sources of numinous energy. The Navajo call this center a “spiritual place of emergence for sacred imagery.” Judith Cornell

By creating a sacred mandala, we can give form and expression to our intuitive insights and guidance coming from source in a way that is contained, but at the same time holds the capacity to expand and contract as needed.

How to use the mandala coloring book

Print out the sacred bloom coloring book and gather your materials

  • colored pencils

  • markers

  • Crayons

  • watercolors (I recommend printing mandalas on watercolor paper if you plan to use watercolors)

Get centered

To get centered, close your eyes and spend a few minutes taking some deep breaths. Perhaps bring an intention for your coloring session into your mind or spend these few moments contemplating the quote at the bottom of each mandala. After a few minutes, slowly open your eyes and begin coloring!

Coloring the Mandala

As you continue to color in the mandala, let the breath continue to guide you. If you find yourself getting frustrated or distracted, come back to your breath.

Let’s get coloring!

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We are so proud of you for taking the mini time outs for you this week. You tuned in and listened deeply to the calling of your soul to find new pathways + tools into that connection. You stepped into a mystical place of sacred time for just a few minutes a day and are walking away feeling more refreshed and re-energized. And this is just the beginning….

If you loved these mystic tools and are feeling called to go deeper into your connection with your soul, send us an email or drop a message below saying “YES, I WANT MORE MYSTIC!”

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