Soul Activation Academy: Week Two

Awakening your Inner Visionary

Head Power

Upper World/Yang. Seat of divine masculine/shiva energy of consciousness, awakening, connection to heavens/stars/universal spirit, expansion, ascension, connection to the whole).

Foundational Tool = Shamanism. Right thinking.

Shamanic Journey Lesson + Practice

The journey to your three power centers gives you a personal energy map and a living totem pole. Animals, spirits, symbols, colours here to assist you appear. This will make certain powers available to you.

The journey is both a diagnostic scan about the spiritual, mental + physical state of the centers, but it goes beyond scanning. You’ll find that during the journey you encounter sometimes meeting for the first time or again figures, beings and powers that are vitally related to your own energy and your own soul recovery.

You might find healing and energy become immediately available during this voyage.

You can’t get lost because you’re going inside your own energy body, but you may be found. You might find more of yourself!

Rewatch the video to repeat. Know that your experiences will always be different. You are constantly changing within the Universal flow.

Deepening practice

  1. Create the totem in full color, give it sound by placing it in front of you as you practice the Kundalini Sat Nam. In this way it becomes more and more alive and active as an ally. Movement, even dancing will bring it to life

  2. Do the Deepening journey for healing through the energy centers. Drum for yourself or use this 10 minute drumming track:

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