Soul Activation Academy: Week Three

Expressing + Embodying the energy of your Centers

Heart Power

  • Middle world/Present  

  • Seat of divine LOVE, connection to others, connection to Self

  • Learning to lead/create/expand from this place--out into extension of hands/what we create express in the world.

  • Foundational Tool = Art/creativity. Right Loving.

Creativity as an act of self love

  1. Develop deep love + trust in yourself

  2. Recognize that you are here to express your creative gifts---no matter what they look like. These creative ideas/impulses are coming to YOU because only you can express them in the way they are longing to be expressed. No one else but you can share you creative gifts in the way that you share them.

  3. Sharing/Expressing/Exploring these “gifts” through your heart power helps you to better understand yourself by taking what’s inside of you and unearthing and releasing it.

  4. When it’s outside of yourself you can work with it, engage with it, honor/worship, converse with it, heal it, release it (or whatever else it is asking of you)

  5. In this way, see your creativity as a divine aspect of yourself. The divine working through you, for your healing (and the outward ripple effect your healing has on the world around you)

  6. The resistance you feel, grief, pain, anything that comes up in need of clearing or allowing or letting go. It’s all coming up to the surface to be healed, transmuted, transformed.

  7. Your Mess becomes your message. In other words, Make Art of your Mess, of your pain, your healing, your resistance, your fear.

  8. The energy of the heart is light, expansive, playful. Our expression can be playful, even through the pain, fear, resistance. The question is how can we loosen up + play? Through the breath

    Sacred Soul Art as a place to practice play/to remember to breathe

Sacred soul Art Lesson + Practice


The language of spirit, the language of our sacred power centers is Symbolic. It often speaks to us in metaphor.

Archetypes speak to stories we have living inside us, often symbolic of our personal experiences, remembrances of past life experiences, collective experience.

Archetypes also are part of our ancestry. We'll be identifying and working with the 4 main lineage archetypes and how they work together inside us.

They often carry thematic messages with them + personally, I often see them as guides/allies/support --- that we can communicate with, derive guidance + wisdom from and understanding about the stuff we have going on in our personal experience.

Art is a way to start speaking the language of archetypes, of our guides, our spirit, of our centers….helps us to engage in conversation + heal ourselves through beginning to understand more deeply, more viscerally---the messages coming through.

Art is a way, not only to express but also to LISTEN.

What is wanting to come through you?

Mandala: Sacred Circles, contained but also expressing infinite expansion

The sacred soul art we will be creating throughout this course, we will be creating in a similar fashion to the way mystics created mandalas + also visionary art created by Shamans in different traditions all over the world.

In this way, these art forms become portals, places to express + also listen to the wisdom of our centers, of our guides, of our own energy.

Mandalas also represent the cyclical nature of transformation + the creative process (which is always moving from expansion to contraction, resistance/fear to growth/transformation).

Mandalas are created as meditation and used in meditation.

Meditate on the mandala as a center of sacred absorbtion---you can meditate on all your sacred centers in this way.

This is why in most of Sacred Soul lessons, we’ll be creating forms of Mandalas.

Deepening practice

  1. Continue working with your Totem/Energy swirls:

    Try an energy swirl a day or do this excercise a few times over the week. You can ask: what does my energy look like today? How can I breath into it, release what needs to be released, create what needs to be created?

  2. Place your energy swirl mandalas on your altar + journal with the images to further engage with the images + what they represent to you.

  3. Kundalini Practice Continuation: 7 Wave Sat Nam, Kriya for flexibility of the spine. You will also be able to find pdf’s for Kundalini Practices (the Ego Eradicator/ Sat Kriya / Sa Ta Na Ma / Ra Ma Da Sa) that I taught during the lead up to SAA on the Additional Resources page—feel free to play with these to develop your own personal practice!

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