Soul Activation Academy: Week Seven

Uncovering Your Soul’s Language + Your Original Archetypes

This week, we invite you to reflect on the group mandala we created during the retreat and begin notice how your unique soul’s language came through and danced in harmony with the collective.

This process is about uncovering + learning to speak in your soul’s language.

Begin to recognize and move more fully from the language of your soul (what does it look like? Feel like? Sound like?)

This is your soul’s energetic signature.

Begin to practice deeply trusting the “mark making” that is coming through you, in whatever form it is being called to take.

Trust in your own expression, in how your creative soul power wants to be expressed.

What medium is most natural for you to use?

The divine feminine is expressing herself through YOU.

Begin to own this and allow the flow of the divine feminine to move you, as you move through your life.

It’s also an important time to create structure and containers for yourself. Creatining structure is how we integrate the Divine Masculine. It helps create the container through which your creative, soul power can FLOW.

Expressing your unique gifts + letting your expression flow is adding to the collective all the time.

The world needs your medicine.

Recognize your part in the bigger picture and create the container for yourself to show up + co-create that part.

Ancestral Archetype Journey

You must know who you are + where you come from to know where you are going and what you are doing. In this way, the past informs the future and connects back to the present as you creating moment to moment.

Journey along the masculine line to find original archetype. Make sure you go far back enough to find the healed, pure essence. There is no wounding or personality here.

Journey along the feminine line discovered during womb journey, going all the way back in time to the essence or “signature” of the archetype.

These are the two original healed or unimpeded forces that can heal you and bring you back up to speed. They are the truest, highest expression of the masculine and feminine forces working in harmony through you and as you. Heaven and Earth manifesting as the divine creating being of YOU.

You will come to understand why they chose each other to join with, and how they work together in harmony, supporting and expanding each other. You are the evolutionary end point so far, of these conjoined forces mixed with the power of your soul self.

Soul Map Mandala

Paint the two archetypes to see your container/instrument + your soul song being played through it.

Painting the symbolic essence of the two forces working in harmony.

Paint them first feminine on one side, masculine on the other. Start to feel or notice the YOU in the mystic middle and uncover the third symbol.

Allow your brush to paint the YOU in the middle of the two archetypal forces.

Taking the 3 symbols into the 3 power centers and now expressing your unique soul song and mark through the portal of the middle symbol. This is your instrument.

Home Practice

  1. Complete the map of your soul by overlaying the horizontal line of ancestral power with the vertical line of soul power. The mixing of these two lines shows you YOU in the mystic middle at the heart center.

Journey, meditate, dance, sing, chant with your soul map each day in practice. This is your personal soul mandala.

    2. Begin mapping out your own personal power practice, what it looks like + feels like. Make it really juicy and exciting and lovely. Create a physical space in your home for this practice to take place.

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