Soul Activation Academy: Week Four

Tracking + integration in the mystic middle seat

Take the mystic words and images that were channeled for you and integrate them.

Here are some ideas to get started:

I know you all already know what to do so trust your own way of incorporating these gifts into your being and your life.

Take them on journey to see what else is there

  • Bring them into your power centers, wherever they belong

  • Do “the thing” that was presented to you as an action to do

  • Make sacred art with it and from it

  • Allow right timing, maybe clarity is here now, maybe it’s not time. Trust wait

You are Co-creating the world

As visionaries we are alway co-creating the world. We create for others as we see them. Be care-full how you see others.

We create for ourselves the most powerfully. Be care-full how you see yourself. Hold yourself in the highest love, integrity and possibility. Tell yourself beautiful mystic stories about yourself.

Art is the means whereby power enters the world through dedicated acts of beauty.
— Madison Taylor

Make your life a dedicated act of beauty.

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