Soul Activation Academy: Week Five

Connecting with the rhythms of the Centers

Sacral Power

Tantric sages recognized that the Sacral Power center is the seat of what they called Shakti, divine feminine power.

  • Shakti manifests as the act of cosmic creativity --- all of reality is Shakti’s dance.

  • Shakti takes form as the biological processes of our bodies:

  • This energy comes into form as you, you are the embodiment of Shakti.

Kundalini-Shakti is the unique form of Shakti within you. It sits coiled at the base of the spine and is symbolized as a serpent.

The Kundalini-Shakti rises up through the body + the power centers, awakening consciousness when it unites with Shiva (Divine Masculine) at the crown of the head.

Shakti energy is vibratory. It moves in a pulsation of contraction and expansion.

Formless energy comes into form. This form creates limitation and contraction. The Shakti energy comes into this limitation in order to know itself. Then is expands back out against this form into formlessness.

everything moves in rhythms of contraction + expansion

You see this within the rhythms of nature.


  • The moon (cycles from full to new each month)

  • The seasons rotate through Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

  • Waves, rise + fall

  • Process of birthing anything, contractions allow for expansion

How can we learn to attune to bigger pulsation + our own natural rhythms? How can we align our individual expression of energy (through our power centers) with rhythms in nature?

The energy of the centers is never stagnant, always cycling.


  • Honoring creativity/heart power during expansive full moon

  • Hibernation in November to honor + recharge sacral power

  • Sleep + dream when we feel fatigue to rest + renew our head power

Becoming aware of where we are in the cycle of pulsation can help us to navigate and release resistance to wherever we are. It’s really the resistance to the contraction or expansion that causes the suffering we experience, not as much the contraction or expansion itself.

Kundalini Lesson + Practice

  1. Tune In (Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo x3)

  2. Warm-ups

3. Fists of Anger

To release + surrender any resistance, fear or anger (really any negative feeling emotion) to allow for attunement to our own energy.

4. Adi Shakti Meditation

The Adi Shakti Meditation eliminates fears + fulfills desires. It tunes you into the frequence of the divine mother, to the primal protective, generating energy of the Sacral Center.

This creative energy lives within all of us, male or female + when activated, it cuts through the limitations of the ego + helps us to surrender our resistance to wherever we are.

This meditation is a Bhakti meditation, devotional and moves you into the transformational power of Shakti energy.

This meditation invites the question:

What are you devoted to?

Are you devoted to your stories of unworthiness, not enoughness, lack?

Adi Shakti reminds us we are not our stories, we are our energy.

Reciting this Mantra helps us to become devoted to the energy of our creative, life force power.

The Shakti moves through us as our truest essence, our infinite creative nature.

Home Practice

  1. Questions to reflect on:

    -What are you devoted to, your stories or your energy?

    -How are you aligning with the rhythms of pulsation that you sense in and around you?

  2. Kundalini Practice:

    -Try the Adi Shakti Meditation for 11 minutes several times this week or daily as feels good to you.

    -Utilize the Fists of Anger Kriya anytime you need but especially when you feel anger, frustation, fear and/or resistance arising.

(You can find the Adi Shakti Meditation music on the Soul Activation Spotify Playlist here — I love this version by Nirinjan Kaur)

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