Soul Activation Academy: Week Eight

Celebration of your soul’s activation

Dear Ones,

Here we are at our final week of the Soul Activation Academy + what an honor it has been to be on this journey with you.

To celebrate our time together, we invite in the energy of the stars, the moon, the sun, the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, our lineage, offering our deepest gratitude for the ancient memories activated within us through this process, the ones held in stones + in our bones.

We offer deep gratitude to the great Mother, Gaia, Pachamama -- who supports, nourishes, loves and activates us with the teachings she holds.

We call in the support of the 4 directions, South, West, North, East and the plants + animal spirits that each of those spaces govern. Knowing that all this help and guidance surrounds, protects us and guides us always.

To each of you, we extend an offering of gratitude for showing up in the HUGE way that you did for this deep work. You are wise + radiant light filled beings. Extend that light towards each other and towards yourselves in honoring + thanks.

And finally, we offer our deepest gratitude to the deep Sacred Feminine within, which continues to come into greater and greater balance with the Sacred Masculine as we call her forth and embody her beautiful + powerful energy.

As we’ve become more and more familiar with her presence over this time together, we’ve remembered that You are Her---embodied in a unique and incredible form.

Remember always that you are here to celebrate and share her medicine (which is YOUR soul’s medicine).

May your magic continue to ripple out through your life and in the world.


Sonia + Eliza

It’s time to celebrate your dedication to activating your soul.

Through consistent, gentle effort, you are integrating the teachings seamlessly into your life. You start to recognize deeply who you are, where you came from and where you are going.

Ideas to anchor our closing celebration:

  • Make art for the future tracking gifts you were given.

  • Place something on your altar.

  • Write down your commitment to yourself and the world, from a place of joyful gratitude.

Deepening practices:

  • Trust yourself first and foremost to know what to do

  • Schedule your power practice so that it’s prioritized in your life.

  • Use ease and joy as your compass for what’s needed in the moment, and do that.

  • Your soul mandala reminds you of who you are. Continue to update it to know how you are shifting and growing within the framework you have been gifted from your physical + spirit lineage.

  • Sit with images/guidance you received

  • Take notes + then take them in from your own soul’s perspective

  • Integrate any images that resonated with you into your soul art pieces

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