Mystic Tool #5: Mandala Coloring as Meditation

How to use Mandala Coloring pages to find calm and soothe a stressed out mind/body

Creating mandalas allows your mind to become very calm and focused. It is very much a meditative process.

Mandalas are incredibly soothing to color. There is something so satisfying about drawing and coloring within a circular shape.

“[A Mandala] is a concrete symbol of it’s creator’s absorption into sacred center. In its most elevated form, the sacred circle mirrors an illumined state of consciousness through a symbolic pattern--making the invisible visible. It is meant to draw the creator and viewer into an encounter with animating sources of numinous energy. The Navajo call this center a “spiritual place of emergence for sacred imagery.” Judith Cornell

By creating a sacred mandala, we can give form and expression to our intuitive insights and guidance coming from source in a way that is contained, but at the same time holds the capacity to expand and contract as needed.

How to use the mandala coloring book

Print out the sacred bloom coloring book and gather your materials

  • colored pencils

  • markers

  • Crayons

  • watercolors (I recommend printing mandalas on watercolor paper if you plan to use watercolors)

Get centered

To get centered, close your eyes and spend a few minutes taking some deep breaths. Perhaps bring an intention for your coloring session into your mind or spend these few moments contemplating the quote at the bottom of each mandala. After a few minutes, slowly open your eyes and begin coloring!

Coloring the Mandala

As you continue to color in the mandala, let the breath continue to guide you. If you find yourself getting frustrated or distracted, come back to your breath.

Let’s get coloring!

Click button below to download printable Mandala Coloring Book

We are so proud of you for taking the mini time outs for you this week. You tuned in and listened deeply to the calling of your soul to find new pathways + tools into that connection. You stepped into a mystical place of sacred time for just a few minutes a day and are walking away feeling more refreshed and re-energized. And this is just the beginning….

If you loved these mystic tools and are feeling called to go deeper into your connection with your soul, send us an email or drop a message below saying “YES, I WANT MORE MYSTIC!”

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