Mystic Tool #4: Salt Bath Ceremony

How to turn your bathtub into a real life sanctuary

Taking a hot, salt bath is one of the best things you can do to  shift your state of mind, relax, recharge and release anything that is no longer serving you.

In this sacred bath ceremony, we are inviting you to include a deep intention for release and the addition of salt + herbs to your bathing experience.

A sacred bath becomes a portal between aspects of your life: coming home from work, the ending of your day, the transition from your day into your evening. Entering this portal is entering a space to cleanse and release everything from your day so that you can move into your evening with grace and calm.

Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea Salt helps to release toxins from your tissues and breaks through energetic hooks that get stuck on you throughout your day.

Benefits of herbs

Rose is warming and opening to the heart. It evokes a sense of soothing joy and upliftment. It’s also wonderful for glowing skin.

Lavender is a dreamy, ethereal flower that emits a calm and connected frequency. It promotes gentle peace throughout the nervous system.

Set the stage for your ceremonial bath

Gather up sea salt, candles, crystals, dried herbs and prepare your hot bath.

Turn your bathing experience into a sacred ceremony

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