Mystic Tool #3: Essential Oil Anointment + Affirmations

How to use EO’s to release negative emotional patterns and rewire your brain with high vibe affirmations

There’s so much power in enticing the senses.

Using Essential Oils is a wonderful way to shift you energy by helping you to release limiting beliefs and increase your connection to your deeper self: Your soul.

We can identify our emotional patterns through our feelings.

What is it you are feeling? Does this feeling, feel familiar? Do you often see this emotion presenting itself in different situations you face in your life?Once you’ve identified an emotional pattern, you can use essential oils to shift that pattern.

“Essential Oils hold vibrational frequencies that can shift patterns...and smelling the oil releases the pattern from the limbic system of the brain, thus providing direct access to the body’s cellular memory.” -Carolyn . Mein, D.C

Here’s a simple application of this process:

  1. Bring into your awareness the emotional pattern, perhaps most easily accessed through the dominate feeling you are experiencing.

  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and ask that you may be drawn to the oil that will be most beneficial to you in this moment.

  3. Decide on your positive affirmation statement (You can use one from the pdf below or come up with your own affirmation)

  4. Place a drop of oil*  in your palm and with the fingers of the opposite hand, gently rub it around 3x. Then cup your hands near your face and take a deep inhale as you say your affirmation, preferably out loud. Repeat this a few times, taking a few deep breaths.

  5. Then, as you repeat the affirmation again, anoint yourself with the oil by rubbing it on your forehead, heart, belly, neck or shoulders, wherever you are feeling called to

  6. Try doing  this exercise a few times a day and every time you feel the negative emotional pattern arising.

*Depending on the oil + your skin’s sensitivity, you may want to use a carrier oil such as olive, coconut or jojoba.

We have some suggested oils, the negative emotions they address and higher vibration affirmations to replace them.

Click below to download printable Essential Oil + Affirmation PDF