Mystic Tool #1: Ego Eradicator

How to Break through Self Limiting beliefs and quickly raise your vibration

“We must hone our ability to hear the Guru Dev, the guru within our hearts. Our Guru Dev, or higher self, can be the source of all instruction and inspiration. A guru is simply an energy that brings you out of darkness (gu = unconsciousness) into light (ru = consciousness).  It’s that which makes your Light sparkle brighter. It is a divine and cosmic teacher, which may act through a person or through you, and always uplifts and enhances your own Divinity. One of the translations of Dev is angelic, and we have a part of ourselves that is more angelic than human, which we must learn to hear.”  -Ramdesh Kaur

Bust through blocks + shift your vibration

Click below to download printable instructions for the Kundalini Tune in, Ego Eradicator and Tune out