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Eliza sparks your creative muse and inner energy to where you are bouncing in your seat! Sonia creates a container for deep transformation with the power and strength of ancient mountain wisdom. Together they provide "simple" play-filled  presentations and hands on techniques in a teach-do practice with such a depth and breadth that leaves you filled with insights and tools that continue to inform, inspire and guide me. Catalytic! -Cindy Wilson of Expanding Visions Portal


"Working with Eliza and Sonia is so fun because you just never know what kind of magic will happen the moment you join them. They make the magic real, fun and accessible for everyone." - Becquel Smith,  Mom and Founder of Grateful Ground


"I was ready to step up and put forth the effort to try different things, and in so doing, I was met by forces both tangible and ephemeral, gently guided by Sonia along the way. Although, to me, her humility is one of her most endearing qualities, Sonia is not a ‘regular’ person. She is gifted and intuitive and mystical in the most understated way. I have no doubt she was, in large part, the catalyst for the changes I’m experiencing. She’d say she just helped me remember something that was always there." - Terra Jackson, Writer and animal whisperer 


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Meet your guides

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Sonia Sommer

Sonia Sommer is a master healer who merges cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom techniques. Drawing from over 25 years of experience as a Structural Integration Practitioner, Mindfulness teacher and modern day Shaman, her clients include professional athletes, talented people you’ve seen in movies, tired moms and drained CEOs. After working with her, clients experience optimum wellbeing while learning tools to live a deeply happy and passionate life.

Find out more at soniasommer.com 

Eliza Tobin

Eliza Tobin is a visionary artist, an artistic mystic, a plant poet, a creativity activator. Eliza’s art and teachings blend plant medicine, Kundalini yoga, intuitive painting and Shamanic journey to support the rise of the creative energy within her students.

Discover more at elizalynntobin.com